All about me

Curious. Thoughtful.

For nearly two decades I have had the opportunity to work as a creative in advertising agencies as well as for advertisers, SMEs and even start-ups. Whether it’s for local, national or international brands, my ultimate goal is to accompany every client to go beyond their expectations while winning consumers’ hearts.

The beauty of a design is no longer enough. It takes depth, intelligence and relevance. I have always put versatility and curiosity very high on my list of essential qualities for great creation. That is why I completed a Specialized Graduate Diploma (DESS) in management at HEC Montréal. This education has broadened my horizons and strengthened my strategic expertise, enabling me to offer tailor-made creative services based on brand analysis and strategic thinking.

On a more personal note, in my spare time I am a CrossFit aficionado. This training is functional, fast and highly diversified. I am passionate about this sport because it fosters collaboration and it requires a great dose of perseverance in order to master the technique. Moreover, every day is made of a new challenge to take on. It is not a coincidence that I have been doing this sport for several years. There is a strong analogy between the skills required to perform in CrossFit and those required at work to last in a constantly evolving field.

That’s where my passion is!

My daily anchors

Respect. Collaboration. Trust. Open-mindedness. Quality.

These are the core values that I cherish into all spheres of my life.

My pledge

- to each of my clients -

Being and remaining

a key partner in strategic and creative fields by helping local and international brands to evolve to win consumers’ hearts.

My key argument

- to convince you -

Human and artistic sensitivity characterizes my personality as much as my work. It allows me to quickly understand your business background. Mixed with the sharing of ideas and opinions, this sensitivity facilitates collaboration and enables us to build a fruitful relationship from which will benefit both your brand and its customers.

“Working with my clients to make their projects come to life is a real motivation.”