Direct marketing


CAPEQ is a social economy company that provides work for people living with functional limitations. Doing business for more than 40 years, CAPEQ has about sixty passionate employees which makes it a sought-after business partner for packaging, labeling and warehousing services.

The project

The mandate was to create an impactful direct marketing piece to promote CAPEQ’s services and expertise to business leaders throughout Quebec.

The concept is based on the raison d’être of the company. At a glance, I wanted people to be able to grasp the essence of the services offered by CAPEQ, namely, packaging, labeling and warehousing services. I created a promotional commodity consisting of a long, informative piece that was rolled to remind adhesive rolls used to seal packagings. To reinforce the concept while facilitating the mailing, we delivered these rolls in small packing boxes.

Packed with passion

The focus of this project was put on the enthusiasm and energy of CAPEQ’s employees to accomplish their work. That’s why every direct marketing piece was carefully packed, labelled and signed by the employees.

ExpertiseArt Direction / Design