French Formula

The mandate

French Formula is a brand of hair care products well established in the Canadian market since the 1960s. With the passing of years, the brand eventually became obsolete. Strategic, technical and aesthetic matters had to be completely review and reconsidered: the positioning of the products, the subtlety of the fragrances, the brand image and the design of the packaging.

In addition to playing an active part in strategic recommendations, my mandate was to revamp the brand to attract a younger, more stylish and fashionable customer. A segment of clientele looking for a complete range of hair care products for a timeless and authentic beauty.

The brand positioning and graphic identity of French Formula were renewed by combining the brand’s strong points (nomenclature, Eiffel tower representation and retro feel) with the elegant, iconic and timeless beauty of Paris to produce a new logo, create new packagings, in-store displays, and print advertising.

Timeless and feminine beauty

The inspiration

Trends come and go but beauty is timeless. I wanted to convey French Formula’s story through its new identity and, moreover, characterized it by a classical and timeless vibe. I took my inspiration from the decade of its creation: iconic beauties of the sixties, bold and contrasting patterns, retro chic, elegance of black and white.

The brand


AdvertiserFrench Formula
ClientCatalpa Group
ExpertiseArt Direction / Design