Brand Identity

The mandate

Unimax Tires is a large network of tire retailers in Quebec which brings together 12 banners, including Point S, Pneus Prestige and Mega Tires. With more than 2 million tires sold annually, Unimax Tires has an extensive purchasing power and provides its banners with administrative and marketing support, continuing education and an international partnership with the Point S network in more than 27 countries.

Unimax Tires was in the early stages of redesigning their business model when they consulted me to renew their brand identity.

However, it is important to mention that this project never came to life. Nevertheless, this concept shelters a flexible, unique and distinctive system that amplifies the strength of the brand.

Expertise, strength and versatility

The suggested solution




Unimax Tires has been playing an active role in the Quebec market for decades. I wanted to transmit the cultural heritage, the achievements and the values ​​of the brand through this new identity.

A flexible grid

The system

The box is the basic space within which different variations can be made.

For graphic constancy and strength of the system, the position of the middle chevrons are fixed. Their variable color helps identifying the various corporate spheres.

While maintaining alignment with the middle chevrons, the position of the other “X’s” is flexible and optional to ease the schematic illustration of the various disciplines.

The iconography

Icon representing the grooves of a tire (heritage).

Icon representing a wrench.

Icon representing a reserved lane.

Icon representing massive grooves of a tire on a heavy truck.

Icon representing the agriculture expertise.

Icon depictive of an employee and/or customer.

The corporate spheres

ClientUnimax Tires
ExpertiseArt Direction